Abandoned chapel

On a recent holiday in Pembrokeshire during a circular coastal walk, I chanced upon this derelict chapel. The door was open, just nettles and brambles blocking the way, It looked like a good photo opportunity, so with my camera, I tiptoed around the rotten floorboards and spent a little time in church!

Merry Christmas 2016

May I welcome to the stage Whisky, Eric, Lenny, Mazey and of course Raggle.

As part of the promotion for our new book 'Bark! The Herald Angels Sing', our publishers WW Norton ran a competition to find a new canine star for the 2016 xmas card. In fact we selected two, Lenny + Mazey.

Knowing we faced the challenge of working with unfamiliar dogs, I designed the shot to work with a variety of characters and tested it first with two of our friends' dogs Whisky and Eric. It was an unexpected bonus to have Raggle appear in this year’s Christmas card - once she saw the set, my eldery, sleepy but greedy studio companion jumped in and waited for the treats.
All prepared, we had great fun with the competition shoot and we were very happy to get lovely shots of all 5 dogs. 


Sleepy Raggle



Charlotte and Mazey

Charlotte and Mazey

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or watch 25 festive years squeezed into this 2.5 min video 


New Book - Bark! The Herald Angels Sing

25 Years - 2 Dogs - No Photoshop!

Since 1990 photographer Peter Thorpe has created a unique Christmas card in his Bristol studio. Each year a different scene featuring his rescue terriers Paddy and Raggle.
The entire project is collected here in this new book, along with behind the scenes pictures and notes explaining the inspiration for each image.
Below are some spreads from the book: 

Bark! The Herald Angels Sing is available at most online stores including Amazon and WW. Norton and for UK customers I can sign and dedicate books purchased at Raggle Cards

Click here for more images from the Christmas Dog project or watch 25 festive years squeezed into this 2.5 min video

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Solar Eclipse

Solar eclipse 20.3.2015 Bristol UK. 

I only really set up my camera as a way to view the eclipse. 
With a light covering of clouds, the colours were lovely and was quite pleased with the results.

As I viewed the shots later, I discovered this single shot of a bird flying towards the eclipse, not only in a perfect position but also its shape creating a classic silhouette, very lucky!


In 1990 I made a Christmas card featuring our rescue terrier Paddy.

This was to be the first of many over the next 25 years.....

2 dogs, 3 children and 25 Christmas's later, making these cards has become something of a family tradition.
The fun for me, has been choosing to continue to create these traditionally rather than with Photoshop, by making my own sets, props and using a fair bit of food bribery! 

Below is a selection of images from over the years and here is a link to my 2016 Christmas Card 

I'm delighted to announce that all the cards and behind the scene shots are collected in my new book 'Bark! The Herald Angels Sing' available at most online book stores and for UK customers signed and dedicated copies from RaggleCards  

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'Santa Rescue' 2015

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Watch 25 years of festive dogs squeezed into this 2.5 minute video